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Stina's tips for the conference

Smiling Stina packing SWEAH books in a suitcase.
SWEAH's research administrator Stina Elfverson. Photo: Lill Eriksson

In a week or so it’s time for the National graduate school on ageing and health, SWEAH's biennial conference for affiliated researchers. For some, the first real event in a scientific context awaits. But what should you pack, wear and what else is good to think about? SWEAH's research administrator Stina Elfverson, with extensive experience as a tour guide, gives her best tips.

She started as a tour guide as early as ten years old. Sometimes if her parents’ guests arrived a little too early, Stina took the opportunity and guided them to the crypt in the church. She went abroad at a young age and has since then visited close to 50 countries, including working as a tour guide in China, India and Southeast Asia on and off for around twenty years. But also in Europe, where she leads hikes and cultural trips in her spare time.

What is your greatest conference experience?

– It felt quite big when I was at my first conference with SWEAH, IAGG-ER in Gothenburg in 2019. There were a lot of people and I realized how many I actually knew, PhD students and their supervisors. I felt like a part of a larger context. The point of going to a conference is to meet people and learn from them.

You participated last time SWEAH had a conference IRL – do you have any tips?

– Drink lots of water, go outside during breaks to get daylight and fresh air. Stretch your body!

You'll get more out of the conference if you prepare before the event.

– It can be nervous the first time, but try not to focus only on your own presentation. Look at the program and the list of participants in advance and decide who you want to talk to. Don't just talk weather, be a little more active. Book a coffee date. Think about what you want to take with you home, what you would benefit from and what will take you further in your work.

Some choose to dress up a bit for the joint dinner, but no fancy dress is needed.

What is good to pack?

Comfortable shoes, business cards, power bank for the mobile phone and a good mood.

How would you describe Norrköping to someone who has never been there?

– It has been an important industrial city in Sweden, which has been preserved in a creative way. Campus Norrköping of Linköping University is located in an old textile mill and the symphony orchestra in a former paper factory. Motala stream running through the city, powered all the industries. During the winter months, the rapids are beautifully illuminated. The district “The Industrial Landscape” has nice walking paths around the stream and the old buildings have been put to new use.

What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

– The ”fika”! And meeting everyone, seeing everyone else meet. I'll be the fly on the wall and watch everyone hang out together.



Research colleagues living in Norrköping recommend you to visit:

  • Arbetets museum
  • Konstmuseét
  • Gallery Ståhls Collection 
  • The petroglyphs at Himmelstalundsfältet
  • Try the tram
  • Walk the industrial landscape from Drags via Campus to Västgötebacken – Arbetets – Knäppingsborg – Rådhuset – Tyska kyrkan – down Hamngatan – to Strömsholmen – over to the north quay – back to Carl Johans park/Kaktusparkeringen
  • Spira café (Hemgården, Norra kajen)


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