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13 universities across Sweden are part of the Swedish national graduate school on ageing and health, which is coordinated by Lund University.


Partners in SWEAH, and representatives on research (F) and management (L) level

  • Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH)johan [dot] sanmartin [dot] berglund [at] bth [dot] se (Johan Sanmartin Berglund) (F), peter [dot] anderberg [at] bth [dot] se (Peter Anderberg) (F), andreas [dot] larsson [at] bth [dot] se (Andreas Larsson) (L)
  • Dalarna Universityldh [at] du [dot] se (Lena Dahlberg) (F), Iwi [at] du [dot] se (Ingela Wiklund) (L)
  • Jönköping Universitylinda [dot] johansson [at] ju [dot] se (Linda Johansson) (F),jan [dot] martensson [at] ju [dot] se ( Jan Mårtensson) (L)
  • Karolinska Institutetzarina [dot] kabir [at] ki [dot] se (Zarina Kabir )(F), helena [dot] karlstrom [at] ki [dot] se (Helena Karlström) (L)
  • Kristianstad Universityanna-karin [dot] edberg [at] hkr [dot] se (Anna-Karin Edberg) (F), maria [dot] haak [at] hkr [dot] se (Maria Haak) (L)
  • Linköping Universityandreas [dot] motel-klingebiel [at] liu [dot] se (Andreas Motel-Klingebiel) (F), karin [dot] axelsson [at] liu [dot] se (Karin Axelsson) (L)
  • Linnaeus University: elizabeth [dot] hanson [at] lnu [dot] se (Elizabeth Hanson) (F), kristiina [dot] heikkila [at] lnu [dot] se (Kristiina Heikkilä) (L)
  • Luleå University of Technologyanneli [dot] nyman [at] ltu [dot] se (Anneli Nyman) (F), maria [dot] l [dot] johansson [at] ltu [dot] se (Maria Johansson) (L)
  • Lund University (hosting university): tove [dot] harnett [at] soch [dot] lu [dot] se (Tove Harnett )(F), lena [dot] eskilsson [at] rektor [dot] lu [dot] se (Lena Eskilsson) (L)
  • Mid Sweden University:lisbeth [dot] kristiansen [at] miun [dot] se ( Lisbeth Kristiansen) (F), Mikael [dot] Nordenmark [at] miun [dot] se (Mikael Nordenmark) (L)
  • Umeå Universityerik [dot] rosendahl [at] umu [dot] se (Erik Rosendahl )(F) marlene [dot] sandlund [at] umu [dot] se (Marlene Sandlund) (F), ingeborg [dot] nilsson [at] umu [dot] se (Ingeborg Nilsson) (L)
  • University of Gothenburgpar [dot] bjalkebring [at] psy [dot] gu [dot] se (Pär Bjälkebring) (F), Carina [dot] Mallard [at] neuro [dot] gu [dot] se (Carina Mallard )(L)
  • Örebro Universityeleonor [dot] kristoffersson [at] oru [dot] se (Eleonor Kristoffersson) (F), kerstin [dot] nilsson [dot] ha [at] oru [dot] se (Kerstin Nilsson) (L)


Susanne Iwarsson
Professor, coordinator
+46 46 222 19 40
susanne [dot] iwarsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se