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Below you will find a list with all PhD students who are currently affiliated with the graduate school SWEAH.

Erika Augustsson, Karolinska Institutet
Keywords: cohorts, life-course trajectories, lifestyles and behaviours

Andreea Badache, Örebro University
Keywords: Oldest-old, disability, morbidity

Giorgi Beridze, Karolinska Institutet

Emma Carlsson, Karolinska Institutet
Keywords: Socioeconomic inequalities, health and early labour market exits among older employees

David Dahlgren, Lund University
Keywords: Relocation, Housing, Economics

Helén Dellkvist, Blekinge Institute of Technology
Keywords: digital life story, dementia, person-centred care

Daniella Dinse, Kristianstad University
Keywords: Health promotion, physical activity, person-centrednessAbigail Dove, Karolinska Institutet

Erik Eriksson, Lund University
Keywords: Life transitions, perceived housing, good ageing

Marcus Falk Johansson, Dalarna University
Keywords: Spouse carers, dementia, support needs

Yanfei Guo, University of Gothenburg

Christina Heller, Lund University
Keywords: Simulation models, housing policies, ageing in place

Roar Hermansen Østby, University of Gothenburg

Jeanne Höjgaard-Böytler, Lund University
Keywords: Specialist eldercare, substance abuse, harm reduction.  

Lena Johansson, Örebro University
Reablement, Residential care, Health in older adults

Aber Sharon Kagwa, Karolinska Institutet
Keywords: Family caregiver, Dementia, mHealth

Anna-Carin Karlsson, Kristianstad University
Keywords: ethical challenges, Covid-19 pandemic, media portrayals

Mariam Kirvalidze, Karolinska Institutet
Keywords: informal care, older caregivers, caregivers’ health

Fanny Kårelind, Jönköping University, 
Keywords: Younger people with dementia, care and support efforts, Swedish Dementia Registry

Peggy Ler, Karolinska institutet
Keywords: Obesity, body mass index, dementia

Nicholas Levak, Karolinska Institutet 

Giulia Lorenzon, Karolinska Institutet
Keywords: heterogeneity, Alzheimer´s Disease, neuroimaging 

Amelie Lindh Mazya, Karolinska Institutet 
Keywords: Clinical geriatrics, multidisciplinary care, fraility

Jonathan Mak, Karolinska Institutet
Keywords: Frailty, genetics, biomarkers

Elin Mauritzon, Dalarna University
Keywords: home, safety, smart technology

Glenn Möllergren, Lund University
Keywords: Home care, users’ perspective, welfare navigation

Jerry Norlin, Dalarna University
Keywords: Loneliness in older adults, Risk factors and interventions, Social work

Erika Olofsson, Umeå University

Åsa Olsson, Karolinska Institutet
Keywords: End-of-life-conversations, implementation, elder care

Ingrid Olsson, Umeå University
Keywords: Ageing, self-management, long-term health conditions

Rosalind Pfaff, Karolinska Institutet
Care transitions; Social services, Readmissions 

Johanna Rosberg Pettersson, Dalarna University
Ämnesord: Dual-task, gait, cognition

Isabelle Von Saenger, Karolinska Institutet
Keywords: Intergenerational transfers, gender- and socioeconomic inequalities

Nazib M Seidu, University of Gothenburg
Keywords:Genetics, MRI and human longevity

Jacques Shebehe, Örebro University
Keywords: Ageing, treatment modalities and health outcomes

Emma Simonsson, Umeå University

William Son Galanza, Lunds University

Judit Staller, Mid Sweden University
Keywords: dementia nursing care, person-centred care, Life story work

Samantha Svärdh, Lund University

Afsaneh Taei, Lund University
Keywords: ageing, neighborhood and well-being/health

Clare Tazzeo, Karolinska Institutet
Keywords: Frailty, epidemiology, and healthy aging

Karolina Thörnqvist, University of Gothenburg

Xin Xia, Karolinska Institutet 
Keywords: Blood pressure, cognitive ageing, biomarkers 

Agata Yadav, Lund University
Keywords: Socio-economic vulnerability, sustainable housing, ageing in place



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