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Emilia Viklund winner of the poster competition during the SWEAH Milestone Conference

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Emilia Wiklund´s poster presents older people's experiences of having been involved in a co-creative process and also an innovation project.

Emilia Viklund is a SWEAH-affiliated doctoral student in health sciences at the Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies, Åbo Akademi University. In her research, she examines the mental well-being of the elderly and the connection to the use of digital tools. Her research concerns older people in Finland and Sweden.

She also examines what the health promotion work aimed at older people looks like and the possibilities and challenges of digital tools in such work. The focus is also on examining older people's thoughts about a social application that they were involved in and developed in an innovation project.

My poster presented older people's experiences of having been involved in a co - creative process and also an innovation project. It is a study that is still under construction and I am writing about the results as best I can.

Why do you think your poster won?

- Honestly, I was surprised that my poster won, because I thought there were many good candidates among the posters and because sometimes you are perhaps a little unnecessarily critical of yourself and your own work. There were no specific criteria for how the posters would be judged, but I guess it might be a combination of content, visuals and presentation. That the study's focus and results were exciting, and that I tried to keep the text to a minimum and use pictures and illustrations instead so that the reader would get a quick overview of the study.

This was her very first poster presentation at a conference.

I saw it as an excellent opportunity for me to try out what it is like to make a poster and to present it to my doctoral student colleagues within the SWEAH network.

What do you think of the conference as a whole?

- I thought the conference was rewarding and that the content was varied. But I may not be completely impartial, because I have been involved in planning the conference and may have submitted requests regarding things that I myself find interesting. Recorded a lot from the panel discussion that I will take with me and think about further. It is also very inspiring and instructive to listen to the other doctoral students' presentations and studies. Although it takes a while to rearrange the brain between the different presentations, because our doctoral projects can be about such different things even if they all affect aging and health in one way or another.

I am always full of admiration for the other doctoral students after participating in the activities organized by SWEAH.

You were one of the doctoral students who participated in the planning of the conference. What are your experiences from that work?

- I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to be part of the organization of the SWEAH Milestone Conference. I got the chance to collaborate with nice and knowledgeable people and I got to learn about arranging an online conference. In addition, I have also had the opportunity to influence the content of the conference and got to take part in things that I find interesting. I can recommend other doctoral students to take advantage of such opportunities.