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Here, the theories of ageing are practiced

Group photo students and teachers
An unusually large number of doctoral students apply to SWEAH's courses. This week some of them are participating in a workshop on the basic theories. Photo: Lill Eriksson

The graduate school's basic course "Theories of ageing" is proceeding according to plan. This week, around 25 doctoral students from all over the country are participating in a two-day workshop in Lund.

There will be lectures on the theories of ageing by the biogerontologist Suresh Rattan from Denmark's second oldest university, Aarhus University, and by acclaimed Boo Johansson, senior Professor of psychology, at the University of Gothenburg.

Man undervisar vid filmduk
Suresh Rattan. Photo: Susanne Iwarsson

As with previous courses under the auspices of the graduate school, this course is well attended with a relatively large number of participants. There is no requirement for course participants to be connected to SWEAH's research school, some who are not are also on site in Lund.


What are you most looking forward to these days?

Tre women sitting around a table
Helén Dellkvist, Sladjana Critén and Anna-Carin Karlsson. Photo: Lill Eriksson

Sladjana Critén, University of Kristianstad:

I want to be inspired and find theories that suit my research area in oral health in older individuals. I examine oral status in cohorts, to see changes that occur at different ages. And then I need to broaden my knowledge in ageing. The networking will be exciting, here are several people today that I have not met before.

Aber Sharon Kagwa, Karolinska Institutet:

I am a SWEAH doctoral student and have started my kappa, so I need inspiration which theories I can use. I want to learn about several different perspectives, even if they are not applicable in my work. I look forward to meeting PhD students who are also researching ageing.

Two women with "fika" on the table
Aber Sharon Kagwa and Sarah Nauman Ghazi. Photo: Lill Eriksson


Anna-Carin Karlsson, University of Kristianstad:

I hope to gain in-depth knowledge and an exchange with other doctoral students. "Theories of ageing" is connected to my thesis work. I am connected to SWEAH and will attend another course, "Ageing and social change", in Linköping in the autumn.

Johannes Malm, University of Jönköping:

I do research on dementia, but have a background in economics, so I need to create a foundation in research on ageing and health. A general understanding that I can apply to my research. Of course I'm looking forward to the networking - that's what SWEAH is all about.

Doctoral students around tables
Pernilla Alencar Siljehag, Sakura Sakakibara and Johannes Malm. Photo: Lill Eriksson

Sakura Sakakibara, Karolinska Institutet:

My background is in epidemiology, statistics and data and I haven't had many opportunities to take a course on ageing theories, so this is a very important course for me. I look forward to meeting new people and taking part in new research topics.

Pernilla Alencar Siljehag, Karolinska Institutet:

For us SWEAH PhD students, this is a more or less mandatory course, and it also came at the right time in my project about people applying for elderly care for the first time. I have just started data collection in two qualitative studies, so this course on theories is important to me.


Students around tables
Doctoral students from all around the country gathering in the course "Theories of ageing" in Lund. Photo: Susanne Iwarsson