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Sex, abuse and virtual aids - some of the new PhDs' focus

Group picture new PhD students
Newly affiliated PhD students met in Forum Medicum, Lund. Photo: Lill Eriksson

The young researchers of the future investigate everything from sexuality in elderly care, virtual aids - to abuse in care and much more.

On Tuesday the 30th January 2024 SWEAH:s coordinator Susanne Iwarsson and her team welcomed newly affiliated PhD students from the partner universities, in an introduction meeting in Lund. The students introduced themselves and their research - a real range, about everything from abuse in elderly care, to virtual aids (glasses, bicycles and games) to increase the quality of life. 

Klara Le in front of white board.
Klara Le. Photo: Lill Eriksson

One of the students that received many questions about her research was Klara Le from Örebro University. She is now looking for participants in a new study about sexuality in eldercare institutions. 

– That's where privacy ends. The elderly are subjected to disciplinary measures or medication to reduce sex drive. Sexuality is said to be a sign of dementia or just that it is disturbing, says Klara Le.

She wants to investigate what affects sexual health. There are some international studies, but not much research on this in Sweden.

Portrait Sarah
Sarah Nauman Ghazi. Photo: Lill Eriksson

Sexuality is said to be a sign of dementia


Networking was the synonym word for SWEAH among the PhD students here.

– Yes, I have already noticed that all these fields are closely connected. I am looking forward to cooperation. And to attend SWEAH's courses, says Sarah Nauman Ghazi from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Portrait Alexandra Björck
Alexandra Björck. Photo: Lill Eriksson

– I joined SWEAH to make contacts in the same subject area and meet like-minded people. I'm a municipal doctoral student and not at the university, mostly alone in the chamber, so it's important to make other contacts, says Alexandra Björck, PhD from Örebro University.




New PhD students in SWEAH 2024
Alexandra Björk, Örebro universitet
Annika Heuer, Linköpings universitet
Benjamin Kröger, Karolinska Institutet
Christina Casselgren, Linköpings universitet
Elida Floberg, Linköpings universitet
Johannes Malm, Jönköping University
Karin Högstedt, Karolinska Institutet
Katja Anióse, Linköpings universitet
Klara Le, Örebro universitet
Linnea Körlof, Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Madelene Törnblom, Högskolan Kristianstad
Milos Milanovic, Linköpings universitet
Pernilla Alencar Siljehag, Karolinska Institutet
Sakura Sakakibara, Karolinska Institutet
Sandra Lukic, Lunds universitet
Sarah Nauman Ghazi, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola
Yuge Zhang, Karolinska Institutet
Christina Casselgren, Linköpings universitet