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SWEAH alumna Louise Sundberg has got a new job at Stiftelsen Äldrecentrum

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Photo: Mai Engström.


1 How does the working method of an R&D unit differ from how it works at the university?

The tasks are more varied and the collaboration between colleagues closer. Of course, the difference also depends on which research environment you come from. 

Research is conducted in the same way and there are several internally driven research projects. However, we accept external assignments that require faster responses. All investigators here have a PhD, so we always start from the research process. But purely methodologically, the quick investigations are more of a challenge, but a very fun one!

2 Describe briefly how you will work with investigating Home Care, SNAC (National Population Study on the Elderly) and the BPSD register (the register for behavioral and mental symptoms in dementia)?

The part of SNAC and Home Care that I am involved in are purely quantitative projects that examine issues of relevance to both the municipality and the region. It is a register-based study that focuses on the group of elderly people with home care. Knowledge of who has both home health care and home care services is limited and there is a lack of knowledge about what characterizes the group's needs.

The BPSD register mainly uses a qualitative approach to investigate why the register is not used to the extent expected.

3 What have the years in the graduate school SWEAH given you that you benefit from now in your professional life?

SWEAH has, among other things, offered a platform for knowledge exchange. Through SWEAH, I have had the opportunity to discuss and shed light on issues related to aging with PhD students in other subject areas, but also based on belonging to different professions. I definitely benefit from this in my current position.

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