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Avhandlingar inom SWEAH

Här hittar du avhandlingar av doktorander inom SWEAH. Doktorandprojekten inom SWEAH bidrar med tvärvetenskapliga perspektiv på åldrande och hälsa. Doktorandprojekten utvecklas vid SWEAH:s partnerlärosäten över hela Sverige.


For better and for worse, till death do us part: Support needs of persons caring for a co-habitant spouse or partner with dementia
Marcus Falk Johansson



Assessment of frailty in old people with multimorbidity
Amelie Lindh Mazya

Genetics and biomarkers of frailty : towards individualized management of the frailty syndrome
Jonathan Mak

Cardiovascular health, orthostatic hypotension, and cognitive aging
Xin Xia

Dementia and learning The use of tablet computers in joint activities
Elias Ingebrand

Readmission to hospital within 30 days of discharge - in older adults
Maria Glans

On User Involvement in Research on Ageing and Health
Joakim Frögren

Alcohol and aging: a multimethod study on heterogeneity and multidimensionality
Wossenseged Birhane Jemberie

Older and Feeling Unsafe? Unravelling the Role of Perceived Unsafety in the Well-being of Older Adults Residing in Senior Apartments
Nadezhda Golovchanova


Ageing Online : Promoting older persons' subjective wellbeing in a digital everyday life
Emilia Viklund

Living Longer, Living Harder: Ageing in Extreme Poverty in Bangladesh
Owasim Akram

Housing Matters for People with Parkinson´s disease - Accessibility, Meaning, Control and Activities of Daily Living
Nilla Andersson

Why do older adults seek emergency care? The impact of contextual factors, care, health, and social relations
Mahwish Naseer

Enjoying life and living healthier : impact of behavioral and psychosocial factors on physical function in old age
Marguerita Saadeh

Involving professionals in research. In the field of ageing and health
Christine Etzerodt Laustsen

Older people in Sweden – Age at migration, poverty and utilization of long-term care services
Hanna Mac Innes, Göteborgs universitet

Health-promoting aspects of preventive home visits for older persons: An individual and a societal perspective
Anna Nivestam, Lunds universitet

Trends in population health in an era of increasing longevity
Anna Meyer, Karolinska institutet



Biological ages: correlations, genetic determinants, and health outcomes
Xia Li, Karolinska Institutet

On Retirement and Cognitive Aging from a Life-Span Perspective
Linn Zulka, Göteborgs universitet

"Retaining the Aging Workforce: Studies of the interplay between individual and organizational ca-pability in the context of prolonged working lives"
Robin Jonsson, Göteborgs universitet

A Divided Old Age through Research on Digital Technologies
Arianna Poli, Linköpings universitet

"Life is for living”: exploring thriving for older people living in nursing homes
Rebecca Baxter, Umeå universitet

Ge alla en chans att vara med - Brukarinvolvering i forskning med och för sköra äldre personer
Isak Berge, Göteborgs Universitet

Novel measure of olfactory bulb function in health and disease
Behzad Iravani; Karolinska Institutet

Better all the time? : trends in health and longevity among older adults in Sweden
Louise Sundberg, Karolinska Institutet

Ageism in the Media: Online Representations of Older People
Wenqian Xu, Linköpings universitet

Unequal tracks? Studies on work, retirement and health
Harpa Sif Eyjólfsdóttir, Karolinska Institutet

Att tappa kontrollen och utveckla oro. Komplexiteterna av åldrande postural kontroll och fall-relaterad oro
Mascha Pauelsen, Luleå Tekniska Universitet

Preventive Home Visits Among Older People – Risk assessment, self-rated health and experiences of healthy ageing
Astrid Fjell, Karolinska Institutet

How can older adults combat diabetes to achieve a longer and healthier life?
Ying Shang, Karolinska Institutet

Doing informal care: Identity, couplehood, social health and information and communication technologies in older people’s everyday lives
Frida Andréasson, Linnéuniversitetet


Sleep and cognition in old age: Birth cohort differences, dementia, and biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease 
Johan Skoog, Göteborgs universitet

Understanding Preclinical Dementia: Early detection of dementia through cognitive and biological markers 
Nicola Payton, Karolinska Institutet 

Oral health, experiences of oral care, associated factors, and mortality among older people in short-term care 
Susanne Koistinen, Högskolan Dalarna

Machine learning applications in healthcare
Ana Luiza Dallora Moraes, Blekinge tekniska högskola (BTH)

Depression among Swedish 70-year-olds – Sex differences from a gender perspective
Therese Rydberg Sterner, Göteborgs universitet

Access to cross-border healthcare for older persons in the European Union: The interplay between EU law and Swedish law
Martina Axmin, Lunds universitet

Existentiell ensamhet hos sköra äldre personer: Vårdpersonals och volontärers erfarenheter och behov av stöd 
Malin Sundström, Högskolan Kristianstad


The role of atrial fibrillation in cognitive aging: a population-based study
Mozhu Ding, Karolinska Institutet

Periodontitis, carotid calcifications and future cardiovascular diseases in older individuals
Viveca Wallin Bengtsson, Malmö universitet, Högskolan Kristianstad

Modelling and quantifying brain connectivity and dynamics with applications in aging and ADHD
Neda Kaboodvand, Karolinska Institutet

Predictors and consequences of injurious falls among older adults: a holistic approach 
Stina Ek, Karolinska Institutet

Inequity in mind. On the social and genetic risk factors of dementia and their interactions
Caroline Hasselgren, Göteborgs universitet

Socioeconomic influences on late-life health and mortality: exploring genetic and environmental interplay
Malin Ericsson, Karolinska Institutet

Dopamine, decision-making and aging. Neural and behavioural correlates
Lieke de Boer, Karolinska Institutet

Change and continuity in psychological health across the retirement transition – interindividual differences and post-retirement adjustment
Georg Henning, Göteborgs universitet

Retirement and life satisfaction: A resource-based dynamic perspective
Isabelle Hansson, Göteborgs universitet

Multimodal imaging: Functional, structural, and molecular brain correlates of cognitive aging
Bárbara Avelar Pereira, Karolinska Institutet

Assessment of cognition in ageing. Investigating internal validity, occurrence and reversion of mild cognitive impairment. Data from the general population study “Good aging in Skåne”
Marieclaire Overton, Lunds universitet

Impact of psychosocial working conditions on health in older age
Kuan-Yu Pan, Karolinska Institutet

Housing accessibility and participation among older adults with long-standing spinal cord injury
Lizette Norin, Lunds universitet


The impact of amyloid peptides on pericytes in Alzheimer’s disease
Nina Schultz, Lunds universitet

Piecing together a fragmented world: Structures to promote the understanding of people with advanced dementia
Catharina Melander, Luleå tekniska universitet

Capturing the experience of health among persons aging in a migration context - Health promotion interventions as means to enable health and occupations in daily life
Annikki Arola, Göteborgs universitet

Using a life-course approach to better understand depression in older age
Linnea Sjöberg, Karolinska Institutet

Experiences and outcomes of systematic preventive work to reduce malnutrition, falls and pressure ulcers in nursing home residents
Christina Lannering, Jönköping University

Activity avoidance, perceived walking difficulties, and use of mobility devices in people woth Parkinson’s disease
Manzur Kader, Lunds universitet

Nutritional perspectives in health-promoting program for community-dwelling older adults
Julie Johannesson, Göteborgs universitet

Cardiovascular risk factor profiles in the development and progression of physical limitation in old age: a population based study
Emerald Heiland, Karolinska Institutet

Perceived aspects of home, health and well-being among people in Sweden aged 67-70 years
Maya Kylén, Lunds universitet

The impact of diabetes on cognitive aging and dementia
Anna Marseglia, Karolinska Institutet

Toward inclusive pharmaceutical packaging: An innovation and design process perspective
Giana Carli Lorenzini, Lunds universitet

Set for life? Socioeconomic conditions, occupational complexity, and later life health
Alexander Darin-Mattsson, Karolinska Institutet

Do psychosocial working conditions contribute to healthy and active aging? Studies of mortality, late-life health, and leisure
Charlotta Nilsen, Karolinska Institutet

Quality of life, functional level and needs of care after vascular major lower limb amputation
Ulla Riis Madsen, Lunds universitet


Inter-individual differences in associative memory: Structural and functional brain correlates and genetic modulators
Nina Becker, Karolinska Institutet

Information and communication technology – mediated support for working carers of older people
Stefan Andersson, Linnéuniversitetet

Arrhytmias in older people: Focusing on atrial fibrillation. Epidemiology and impact on daily life
Therese Lindberg, Lunds universitet

Care and services at home for persons with dementia. Structure, process, and outcomes
Christina Bökberg, Lunds universitet


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