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Symposium: The social aging

woman with child
Photo by Ekaterina Shakharova on Unsplash.

SWEAH affiliated Hanna Mac Innes is one of the organizers of a symposium with Professor Merril Silverstein, Professor Kieran Walsh and Professor Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir, March 24 in Göteborg. The symposium will also be held online, and the Zoom link will be available the day before.

Hanna, can you explain the connection between these professors and SWEAH?

The people attending the symposium is my supervisor (Kieran Walsh), Grading Committee (Sigurveig Sigurdottir) and opponent (Merril Silverstein). These are well-known researchers in the social gerontological field, and we therefore take the opportunity to hold a symposium with them. Merril and Kieran were keynote speakers at the large gerontological conference Aging and Society 2017. Sigurveig is known for her research on informal care in the Nordic context. We want to provide an opportunity for many people to take part in their research.

What is your own research association with Ireland?

I am a doctoral student of Kieran Walsh, Professor of Public Policy at the Institute of Life Course and Society, at the University of Galway.

Why is it important to have an outlook internationally when it comes to research on social aging?

An important aspect is to take part in what social aging looks like in other welfare contexts. Other national contexts can provide new perspectives on the opportunities for the elderly in Sweden. Merril Silverstein and Sigurveig Sigurdottir will talk about intergenerational relationships. In Sweden, informal care accounts for most of the care for the elderly. It will be exciting to take part in their contribution; an example from another Nordic context – Iceland, and one from USA.

Finally, Kieran Walsh's research on exclusion is very relevant, in a time of ambition to eradicate poverty among the elderly and prevent other types of exclusion. This becomes e.g. clearly in Agenda 2030.


Read more about the symposium here