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Congratulations to SWEAH alumna Giana Carli Lorenzini!

en kvinna
Photo: Erik Andersson.

She has got a new position as Assistant Professor at the Department of Engineering Technology, at DTU, in Denmark.

  • What are your research interests?

My research interests revolve around inclusive design and innovation processes with attention to how we design products that better fit the lives of people impacted by those products. In the past years, I have focused on researching about medication packaging and older adults that need to use multiple medication on a daily basis. Packaging design is a very special field of research as it involves not only how products are displayed on the shelves, but also how these products end up arriving to the hand of consumers, how products are used, and at the end, how products/packages are disposed. Older people have been affected very much by the design of packaging, and more research is necessary about this.

  • How do you see your time in SWEAH when you look back?

I had a quite positive experience during the whole time I was affiliated at SWEAH as a PhD student. I joined SWEAH early in my PhD years, and I really liked all the opportunities I had to meet other PhD students in events organized by SWEAH as this opened up my mind to a myriad of aging studies. I also appreciated very much the courses I took, as those course helped on my own research path. I had the chance to become part of a very interdisciplinary network. After defending my PhD, I joined the alumni group at SWEAH and continue for a while to do some activities that also helped to build my CV as an independent researcher.

  • What is your new position about?

I have been recently accepted as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Engineering Technology, at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). This will give me the opportunity to expand my research horizons further within the fields of innovation processes, design, and entrepreneurship. I really look forward to starting the new position!